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The Block Family

Keoni and Tasha approached homeownership as something that was out of their reach, unfeasible. I remember Tasha expressing real fear about whether this was even a possibility, especially in the Bay Area.

They stepped out in faith anyway and began their preapproval process. They browsed through many homes and options. None quite met the mark for them.

“Living in the Bay Area is the impossible factor in itself! The pricing and competition are CRAZY. We wanted to be in an area where we would feel safe for our kids, and, due to the Bay Area market being the way it is, we saw house after house where safety was questionable.”

—Keoni and Tasha Block

One day, they were driving around a potential neighborhood along a familiar street. This familiar street would soon ring a bell for them, as it was the same street that their lead pastors lived on. This was their clear sign that this home was potentially the one.

“During the search, we had seen our home on the market a couple of months earlier but missed out on the opportunity to make an offer. When we saw it back on the market, we wanted to move quickly, so Tamika set up an appointment for us the next day. Keoni went to check out the area again at 9 p.m. that night to see about the safety of the neighborhood. He called me, and the first words out of his mouth were, ‘Babe, oh my gosh.’ I thought for sure the area was terrible and it was a waste of time. But he proceeded with, ‘This is the same street our pastors live on!’ Now, if this wasn’t a sign straight from God, I don’t know what would’ve been!”

—Tasha Block

The current owners had raised their entire family in this home and cared very much about the next family that was to occupy it. The current owners received about 15 offers in addition to Keoni and Tasha’s. These offers were ultimately higher than Keoni and Tasha’s, and the pair became disappointed as this should have been a clear sign that it’d be a no for them. However, Keoni and Tasha shared their story, their family, and even a photo of them with their pastor just down the street, and kept their faith for this home.

“We had an interesting journey during the offer stage. We put in our offer and were then met with a counter and countered ourselves. Deadlines were not met on the seller’s side and due to all the back and forth — and after an emotional rollercoaster — we were ready to call it a loss. But Tamika made that #RedBowMagic happen, and she got us the house with our original offer!”

—Keoni and Tasha Block

Ultimately, one of the current owners was set on wanting Keoni and Tasha to have this home — so much so that even as she invited them to counter the higher offers, Keoni and Tasha held their ground and returned with an offer at the same price. To their sweet surprise, it was accepted.

Having patience through the ups and downs of this homebuying process was indeed taxing on them; however, in the end, both Keoni and Tasha stood firm and trusted God through it all. Sometimes, an opportunity comes and then it goes. But it goes to show that what’s yours will always be yours when you give God control. Believe that. This is #RedBowMagic.

Concluding notes from Keoni and Tasha Block:

“Our sellers weren’t ready to move out the day we were supposed to receive the keys. This did not stop Tamika from ensuring those keys were in our hands that day. Every time I think about the day Tamika showed us that big red bow on our door, I get emotional. She made so much happen on the back end to assist the sellers out and get the house to a place where my family and I could walk in and be extremely excited to call it our home. I will forever be grateful to her for that.”

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