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The Lees 

Ben and Jackie got married in the beginning of 2020 (right before the shelter-in-place mandate went into full effect) and, like many newlyweds, were ready to search for their first home. When they started their search, they thought they wanted a fixer-upper. They put in a bid for a home that didn’t work out. This rejection became the redirection to the home that was waiting for them.

At the time of their search, Ben and Jackie were the youth directors at VIVE Church. Their desire for a home was largely to be able to have more space to foster a community within their home for the youth that they led.

When they landed upon the next home that caught their eye, they instantly deemed that the home was too big — and way outside of their budget. The first words out of Jackie’s mouth were, “This home is way too big.”

“When we initially started looking, we were looking for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home within our budget in San Jose. The townhome we saw and really liked would normally have been way out of our price range. The impossible factor was to get the purchase price of this home within the top end of our budget.”

—Ben and Jackie Lee

After researching this home further, I soon learned that it had been sitting idle for over 12 days with no clear explanation as to why, since the home was beautiful.

“We dug into why the townhome we liked was still on the market with Tamika. That opened the door for a purchase within our budget. Also, our process only took two months, which was much faster than the four- to six-month process we had anticipated for the search and purchase.”

—Ben and Jackie Lee

Ben and Jackie put in an offer under the asking price point. And what do you know? They got it! Shortly after that, they were ordained as the official youth pastors at VIVE Church to seal their future.

I love their story because it goes to show that no dream or desire for your home is crazy, especially if it’s as selfless as Ben and Jackie’s. This is #RedBowMagic.

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